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Arizona Research Associates
Dedicated to Clinical Research
Arizona Research Associates


Mission Statement: 

To provide the patients and the sponsor with the highest level of service in clinical trials as measured by patient safety, meticulous adherence to protocol, integrity of data, speed of recruitment and high subject retention.

Research Team:

ARA-Tucson presents a research team of highly multi-disciplinary trained and motivated professionals and has affiliations with more than 26+community physicians to support our Research network medical team.

Medical Directives:

Most with more than 20 years of clinical experience, academic appointments, extensive research and publishing experience.

Research Staff :

·     Study Coordinators - Dedicated coordinators with 7 plus years clinical trials experience.

·     Recruiting Team - dedicated recruiting person.

Administrative :

·     Dedicated Regulatory Person.

·     Contact for Research Operations:   Manuel Mascareñas MD

Network of Specialists:

·     Internal Medicine (13+)      ·  Family Practice (8+)   ·  Pediatrics (1)    ·    Pulmonologist (4)

·    Gastroenterology (3)    ·    Rheumatology (1)   ·    Endocrinology (2)    ·    Psychiatry (3)  

·    Nephrology (1)      ·    Ophtalmology (1)  ·    Urologist (4)


·     Network of physician Principal Investigators with extensive experience in research, teaching, clinical practice and clinical trials

·     Remote data entry

·     Conducted over 40 clinical research studies

·     Phase I, II, III, IV clinical trials

·     Device and Pharmaceutical trials

Services :

·          Mommography & Dexa-Scan

·          Radiology Department

·          Sophisticated Local Laboratory Services

·          Fast enrollment from the largest database in the Tucson Arizona area

·          Professional and well trained staff

·          In-house quality assurance

·          Multi-lingual staff

            Local/Central IRB


·          Excellent geographic location-close proximity to referring doctors and major local hospitals.

·          Designated research space in active physician practice.

·          Dedicated exam rooms and coordinator offices

·          Designated Monitor offices

·          On-site lab specimen processing

·          Dedicated locked drug storage area

·         Secure record storage.

·          Secure drug storage.

Certified local laboratories, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies are available


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COPD, Chronic Bronchitis or Emphysema
Hypercholesterolemia (High Cholesterol)
Post-Menopausal Vaginal Atrophy
CIC Chronic Ideopatic Constipation
Urinary Incontinence
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Arizona Research Associates
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